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    A Cozy Guide to Taobao Shopping with to Ship to Singapore

    Hello Taobao shoppers! Update (Jun 2016): Now you can buy items via Prime (formally known as 65daigou) subscription and ship unlimited items for only $2.99! So much cheaper and easier! (But only prime items) If you are looking at shipping furniture from Taobao but do not know how, here’s a DIY guide! We have been using […] More

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    The Great Interior Designer Search

    So we approached quite a number of contractors and IDs on our quest for The One Whom We’d Trust Our Home With. I guess being creatives makes us generally niao (fussy) about this whole, getting another designer to do your house thing. Most people asked why, as designers, we didn’t just hire a contractor and just design […] More

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    Testimonies from our Cozy House Hunt

    Our blessed house hunt was a 4-month long journey (excluding paperwork and HDB appointments). In this post, I’m going to talk about God’s fingerprints during our journey. [Liz] (So in case you haven’t figured out why its a cozy house hunt… Colin + Lizzy = cozy lor. *ba dum tss*) More

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    The Engagement Aftermath

    [Lizzy] So it’s been more than 5 months since the engagement. The emotional roller-coaster of this journey so far is best encapsulated in this letter from Colin: What has been different in our lives so far: More