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    Buying a PI (parallel import) car in Singapore.

    So we’ve been married for slightly more than 2.5 years now. And the bustle of budgeting for a wedding, a house and renovation has settled into new budget categories known as “children” (we’re planning towards it, not there yet) and “shall we make the worst investment possible”, or also known as—”buying a car in Singapore”. […] More

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    Cooking for busy people: an introduction

    Okay! So cooking has been something I’ve been doing since Colin and I were attached. I was always somewhat of a baker, but cooking was something I picked up more of only after we got together. I’m starting this series because people often ask: “how do you wake up so early in the morning to cook?” […] More

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    A Weekend in Cebu

    So 4 days before my birthday, Colin handed me an envelop which had this inside: More

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    A Cozy Home Makeover

    Hey there. I guess if you’re reading this, you’re either #1 our friend, #2 a kaypoh acquaintance or #3 also doing your renovation and found our blog cached on Google, or something. (Because while we were planning for our renovation, boy did we spend a lot of time being #3.) More

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    A Cozy Wedding Lowdown

    Aaand we’re back. Wow what a year it has been. From our engagement after dating for 11 months, to our wedding a year after, it’s been a whirlwind two years for the both of us and we’re finally settling down after this roller coaster adventure. Our wedding was (relatively) simple and all sorts of lovely, and […] More

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    I Thought I Knew What Love Was

    When I was 17, I thought I knew what love was. It came as a flood of excited palpitations that wouldn’t go away. Of blushing red cheeks and a heart that thought it would burst at the mere sight of Love’s name on the screen of my phone. It came as a night sky of […] More

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    The Great Interior Designer Search

    So we approached quite a number of contractors and IDs on our quest for The One Whom We’d Trust Our Home With. I guess being creatives makes us generally niao (fussy) about this whole, getting another designer to do your house thing. Most people asked why, as designers, we didn’t just hire a contractor and just design […] More

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    The Engagement Aftermath

    [Lizzy] So it’s been more than 5 months since the engagement. The emotional roller-coaster of this journey so far is best encapsulated in this letter from Colin: What has been different in our lives so far: More