Home Furnishing: The Taobao List

So you’ve already read our Taobao guide and how to buy and ship to Singapore. Now the next question is, “but buy what lehhhhh?

So to help you, here’s a list of the furnishing/fixtures that we’ve purchased from Taobao:

  • Lights
  • Furniture
  • Accessories
  • Kitchen


For a more detailed write-up of our lighting design process, read this other post.

Recommended Taobao stores:

竹之韵灯饰 (tripod lights)
玄志家居 (hipster filament LED bulbs)

Items we bought:

Hanging pendant lamp
Ceiling lamp
Wall lamp
Tripod lamp
Filament LED bulbs
Wall lamp


3-seater Leather Sofa (which is uncanningly similar to the one at Fanttique.com)
Not as comfortable as it looks as the sponge is very thin and gets flattened immediately upon sitting. But looks good nevertheless. Supposedly 100% real leather.

TV Console
Solid wood for the win. Not as difficult to fix as the dining table.

Dining Chairs (with armrests and without armrest) – these came pre-assembled. Fuss-free and looks great! Supposedly leather too.

Dining Table (2m) and accompanying bench – this was one of our most satisfied purchase, as where else in Singapore can you get a 2m dining table for <$500?

Flower Rack

Side Table

Side Hairpin-leg Table

Bedside Table

Ladder for towels

Laundry Shelf – useful to put stuff above the washing machine

Book Shelf – looks like a Crate&Barrel one, but it was the most difficult item to fix. Took us 3 tries and 3 hours to fix it as it had to be done in a particular order and it was very flimsy.

Shoe Rack – One of the few items that came pre-assembled. Looks and works perfectly.

Wall Mirror – Yes, the glass didn’t break during shipping and it looks goood!

Clothes and accessories stand – good for your jeans, hats and belts

Bar Stools – we sold these in the end as we didn’t use them.

Bedframe from Castlery


Transparent boxes for make-up bottles, brushes etc.

Clothes hanger stand

Wall Clock

Toilet Accessories from this store: towel racks, mirror, soap holders etc. We wanted black, which is expensive and rare in Singapore’s bathroom shops

Toilet Paper Holder

Baby/Dog gate

Photoshop/Premiere Pillows


Wooden Spoons

Glass Bowls

Oil Dispenser

Bowls and plates and more bowls

Cute bowls and dinosaur plate

Hexagonal bowl

Fruits/Garlic/Onions basket

Coasters and cheese plates

Sponge Holder


Lumio copycat

Memobottle copycat