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The Songs That Remind Me Of You

Featuring former loves, my chosen love, and my greatest love.

Jason Mraz.
I’m Yours, which was ours.
But now he reminds me of you.

You and I both loved.
Finally out of words.
And now it reminds me of you.

Death Cab for Cutie.
Rachael Yamagata.
Now they remind me of you.

Follow me into the dark.
I won’t let you be, be, be my love.
Now they remind of you.

Cheer Chen.
Taiwanese songs.
Now they remind me of you.

Thank God I liked Mayday
Before I met you.
So they don’t remind me of you.

All of me
Loves all of you.
I’m glad it reminds you of me.

All this time
We were waiting for each other.
Will always remind me of us.

I will be still
And know you are God
Will always remind me of You.

Call me deeper
Than my feet will ever wander
Will always remind me of You.

When I have no song,
And it’s hard to find the words,
I know I still always have You.

And when the Prince of Peace
Broke through my heart,
I knew You would always have me.

Songs are really powerful triggers. Associated memories. Great ones, bad ones, nostalgic ones. Go down that rabbit hole of sad songs long enough and you’ll end up being a melancholic, soppy mess of Sad.

But there are also songs that can literally pull you from the edge of despair right into the waiting arms of Faith, Hope, and Love. When you worship, you shift your focus off yourself and your circumstances, and onto Jesus.

See Him, and not your limitations.
His joy, and not your grief.
His supply, and not your lack.
His balm of gladness, and not your pain.

What do you think?

Written by Lizzy L


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